Documentary Trailer

My buddy Adam Bradshaw wants to direct/produce a feature documentary on a guy in Texas that used to rob banks about a decade ago and then when he found out he was having a son he decided he needed to wipe the slate clean and turn himself in. If that interests you, check out his book, his name is Clay Tumey 

In an attempt to get some grant money, we flew to Dallas just the two of us to get some footage. Couldn’t bring the size of package I usually would want, so we made do with my rolling suitcase camera bag from lowepro and an oversized pelican that had a few light stands, sport model c-stands, and various grip gear as well as a aladdin 1x2 LED. These lights are great for travel because of their low profile and portability. As well as speed for being a decent size source with the diff on the front, low power draw and bi-color. On interview shoots like these I also always bring a 300w little dimmer and a couple 60w tungsten bulbs because I like to put practicals in the background or just out of frame and most people always have CPL now and I can’t dim them.  

My camera package was a Canon C100 with atomos shogun flame recorder to get a much cleaner and more malleable file as a 422 high bit rate ProRes file. Also just helps with workflow. Exposure and focus tools are good on the shogun and I used the HDR feature to help me exposure the C-log in different lighting conditions. I was able to see how much I’d be able to pull some of the levels around.  Recorded sounded straight into camera with my rode NTG 2.  Was good lesson is packing light and using whats around in the room, natural light and practicals. 

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