Tommy Oceanak is an award winning cinematographer based in Los Angeles.

While in LA Tommy has shot dozens of narrative films and music videos. He’s shot aTV pilot for exec producer Danny Garcia, a producer for HBO, a digital series pilot for MGM that will stream on SnapChat and a reality series called Engine Masters that airs on Velocity network. In 2021 Tommy has shot 2 feature films, a horror/comedy called Snow Valley, and a mockumentary called Booty Boys.  Tommy also has shot a lot of digital content for MotorTrend, BBC, Refinery 29, Shots Studios and Buzzfeed,  that have all earned millions of view counts. Started out in lighting, gaffing several indie features, Tommy brings a strong emotional sense of lighting to his work while he continues to shoot documentaries, spec pilots, features and other narrative pieces, many of which have been winning festivals around the country.

After having started out in the Philadelphia market for several years shooting a lot of corporate and educational video, he moved to LA and earned his masters in cinematography at Chapman University. While at Chapman, Tommy studied under several prominent cinematographers such as Bill Dill, ASC, Johnny Jensen ASC, and worked with Mandy Walker, ASC.

Tommy believes in Roger Ebert’s theory of movies being the greatest empathy machine we have and wants to continue to help tell powerful stories that will help create change, inspire, and give hope. He enjoys the collaboration on set with actors & directors, and finding the best way to visually express story and character using light, shadow, color, movement, and compositions.


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